"The Bone Whale Rids Itself of Its Inhabitants", Penumbric Magazine, forthcoming
"Skywoman and Eve", Strange Horizons, forthcoming
"The People of Avonmora Move On", Kaleidotrope, forthcoming
"For centuries, lost", Star*Line, forthcoming
"All I Ever Wanted to Be", The Future Fire, forthcoming
"The Sphinx in Old Age", Utopia Science Fiction, April 2023
"A Sailor adrift the Silent Seas", View from Atlantis, January 2023
"Things Left to Learn", The Dribble Drabble Review, January 2023

In 2023 I won the Harelbeke Poetry Competition and was awarded the André Velghe Award. 

"My Father Returns", The Literary Hatchet issue #33, November 2022
"Thomas is hiding from the world", Siren's Call eZine, 2022
"Swimming in the Changeling Sea", Siren's Call eZine, 2022
"I am nightmares", Siren's Call eZine, 2022
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"The Explorers Return",  Utopia Science Fiction, October 2022
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"The Unwilting Flower", Pink Pansy Press, September 2022 (flash contest winner)
"The Gods Bleed", Star*Line 45.3, summer 2022


3 haiku, Scifaikuest (print), may 2024
3 haiku, Scifaikuest (online), may 2024

3 haiku, Scifaikuest (print), forthcoming
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1 haiku, Stardust Haiku, October 2022
1 haiku, Wales Haiku Journal, Autumn 2022 (featured on The Haiku Foundation's "Re:virals" here)
1 haiku, Cold Moon Journal, October 2022


"Op de Ballingsplaneet", "Op de Ballingsplaneet", februari 2023
"De Goden Bloeden", "Op de Ballingsplaneet", februari 2023
"Lamentaties", "Op de Ballingsplaneet", februari 2023

Met mijn drie gedichten "Op de Ballingsplaneet", "De Goden Bloemen" en "Lamentaties" was ik winnaar van de Harelbeke poëziewedstrijd. Ik werd bekroond met de André Velghe prijs.