Goran Lowie


Hello and welcome

Voor Nederlands, klik hier.

I am an award-winning poet. Poems have appeared in Star*Line and are forthcoming in Strange Horizons and others. In 2023 I was gob-smacked to find that I won the André Velghe Award, one of Belgium's most prestigious poetry awards.

I am also a translator and publisher of speculative fiction and poetry. I am the founder of Speculatief, a Dutch-language magazine of award-winning speculative fiction and poetry in translation. Founded in 2022, Speculatief is a passion project and completely self-funded.

When not reading, translating or writing, I teach non-confessional (secular) humanism/ethics at a high school in Flanders, Belgium and strongly identify as a humanist. I am a devout film fan (somehow made it into the Cannes film festival in 2021) and an LGBTQI+ advocate. I am aro/ace and a first generation college graduate. 

My influences are Ursula K. Le Guin, Patricia A. McKillip, Mary Soon Lee, Italo Calvino, José Saramago and others. I deeply believe- in the words of Le Guin- it doesn't have to be way it is.

If you would like to contact me, please use contact@goranlowie.net